Bogus science and bogus law

For the avoidance of doubt, when I use the word "bogus" I do not (like Humpty Dumpty and Judge Eady employ it to mean what I want it to mean) I employ the OED definition:

  • adj. not genuine or true

I do not say (or believe) that most chiropractors intend to deceive.
I do say (and believe) that most chiropractors genuinely believe in the treatments they offer.
I even say (and believe) that chiropractic can help some patients sometimes with some conditions - though like all treatments that (cf say homeopathy) actually include some real treatment, chiropractic is not risk free.

(You can read all about chiropractic here)

I do however say (and believe) that most of the theories of chiropractic and most of the claims made by chiropractors are unsupported by scientific evidence.

For this reason, I stand shoulder to shoulder with Simon Singh and declare:

"Chiropractic is bogus!"

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