Nick Cohen on Chiroquacktic

Excellent article on the #singhbca case here; and Nick is a splendid journalist whose articles I always enjoy reading; but why oh why oh why does he insist on inserting his view - that anyone who questions the wisdom of the Iraq war or expresses any concern for the plight of the Christian and Muslim (and other?) "Semites" living in Israel or the occupied (or encircled) territories is a raving Islamo-fascist anti-Semitic leftist Nazi - into each and every piece he writes?

(Okay, Nick does not quite put it like this, but if you read his stuff often enough, you come to realize that this is what he thinks.)

If you are reading this Nick (and I don't suppose you ever will) please note that, for some of us at least, exactly the some sentiments that tell us that we would never ever wish to live in a country controlled by Hamas also underlie our concerns about the notion of a state whose criteria for citizenship and equal rights derive from ethnic and religious considerations.

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