Germany is Responsible for the Plight of EU Families in the UK (and other alternative-facts from the Brexit camp)

One of the Brexiters' favourite memes at the moment (oft repeated in the press) is the one that lays blame for the fear and uncertainly being suffered by EU citizens living in the UK at Angela Merkel's door. Take this recent tweet I received - after complaining that the UK Government were threatening to deport my wife (which, at the moment, they still are):

First of all, it should be pointed out, the EU has very little control over how individual EU countries deal with their non-EU residents. For example, the UK's arrangements for Australians or Pakistanis who wish to come here and reside here are very much our affair not the EU's. So a "reciprocal" deal between the UK and the EU, in the way May talks about this, simply is not possible.

It is the UK who has decided to strip its own citizens of their EU citizenship and EU citizens of their rights in the UK; so the current predicament is entirely of our making. We cannot somehow shift the responsibility to the EU.

It is true that May offered to discuss this, not to "settle" it, before submitting Article 50. Who knows whether there will be an agreement on this with all 27 countries or how long such agreements might take? But the suggestion that there might be "pre-discussions" (about anything) before submitting Article 50 was rejected not by Germany but by all 27 countries unanimously - and they don't agree on very much unanimously these days. For obvious reasons, the rest of the EU want to stick to a firm timetable.

Moreover, there are other problems with the notion of negotiating "reciprocal arrangements" with the EU. There is no symmetry between the distribution of EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in Europe. Quite how the Home Office, or the UK’s EU negotiating team, imagine that their threat to deport Germans (like my wife) will dissuade (say) the Spanish from deporting their large collection of UK pensioners (perhaps in a fit of pique over Gibraltar) is never made clear.

Sadly, the UK is not the only country in the EU which now has a right-wing nationalist and isolationist government in power. Hungary and Poland have taken similar directions and an even more lunatic and xenophobic party is on the ascendancy in France. It is by no means entirely beyond the cards that some other EU countries might, one day, start expelling British Citizens. We do not have to invoke Godwin's law and go back before 1945 to find examples of war, dictatorship, and ethnic cleansing in Europe.

Think about the position of our own Government! It is saying that if other countries refuse to allow UK citizens to remain once we are no longer in the EU (which would also, of course, be abhorrent) we shall retaliate by expelling law-abiding EU families - who came here legally and in good faith - from the UK. Such retaliation would be morally reprehensible - whether the citizens in question were originally from a country expelling our citizens or originally from a third country.

And even to threaten such a thing is morally reprehensible.

While many EU leaders are doing their best to try and make it possible for UK citizens to acquire some kind of "associate" EU citizenship post-Brexit (though this very well might not happen - it's complicated) the UK is going out of its way to make life for its EU citizens as difficult as possible.

The UK, for practical and political reasons, and for reasons af basic human decency needs to unilaterally guarantee the rights of its EU citizens living here; and it needs to do it now.


  1. Good article.

    Don't expect anything other than Alt-Right (aka "wrong") facts from the loony fringe that somehow seems to be taking over the world.

  2. It's such an upsetting and worrying time. I'm currently just existing without trying to make too many future plans. I am so ashamed of my country and the behaviour of the government - have they even thought that a guarantee of EU citizens rights would show Europe that we have faith in them, and that we want to continue a positive relationship. The fact a guarantee hasn't been given by the UK just highlights that we are weakened and are now stooping to a new low to try and retain ANY control. I fear losing talented hardworking friends who believed they were welcome in the UK. I don't think I want to live in this nasty little xenophobic country where people are so devoid of the ability to think for themselves. If I could be confident of being allowed to stay in another EU country, I would move. The 'will of the people'? I'm afraid I'm still angry with all those who (ok, not intentionally) did this. I'm hoping for *something* to reverse this catastrophe.....

  3. Don't be angry at those who voted leave. They have been conned as well, near to nothing they hoped to achieve by voting Leave will come to pass. D Cameron is an Euroskeptic himself and never bothered countering the Leave lies. Many people, especially the young, abstained from voting as they were wise enough to realize their knowledge was insufficient to make a choice. The whole campaign duration was extremely short, totally within exam and revision time, and voices who explained the EU as A Good Thing could not find a large audience. But the Millionaires and Billionaires who funded and orchestrated Brexit never stopped pushing their agenda (Google: Aarron Banks Brexit// Brexit Legatum Institute Chandler brothers money laundering etc.) - they wish to see returns for their investments, and Theresa May puts their ideas in place. Brexit is not the will of the people - but if the people do not protest the current narrative that the government is just delivering in fullfilling the people's democratic instruction, they validate this story by passive acceptance.


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